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Material Specifications

Washroom Descriptions

Saniboard Eco Specified Partitioning Systems

For the majority of its' washroom partition systems, Guardian uses Saniboard Thermoplastic Sanitary Board. Saniboard is a high quality thermoplastic sheet that:

  • will not break, swell, splinter or rust
  • will not delaminate or rot
  • has a solid colour throughout the material
  • is strong, durable and impact resistant
  • is chemically inert
  • is graffiti resistant and easy to clean
  • is resistant to mildew, mould and odours
  • is environmentally sound
  • is 100% Recyclable

Rebated edges around doors and nibs come as standard for added privacy.

Compact Laminate Washroom Systems

For those who prefer a laminate system, the 13mm Compact Laminate Washroom System is an innovative, strong, self-supporting and moisture resistant decorative panel which can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications.

It has a distinctive black core and its resistance to scratches, wear, chemicals and impact means that it can handle extremely rough treatment.

The panel lends itself to use in areas where both showers and toilets are required and provides good resistance to moisture.

Privacy System

A privacy system is a standard feature of our Saniboard systems.

If privacy is paramount for, a compact laminate system, then this option is available which and it eliminates the gap between the door and other panels. This system is exclusive to Guardian and can be used for both showers and toilet partitions.

Rebated edges around doors and nibs are provided to add privacy.

A Premium Finish

Guardian's premium finish now includes concealed fixings on hardware and an optional round head rail. These head rails are mitred at all corners.

Fire Test Results

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