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Washroom Installation Guide

Site Check and Preparation

Before commencing installation, check the following site conditions:

  • All preceding works are complete and satisfactory
  • Tiling has been allowed to set for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Dimensions have been checked
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation exist
  • Power supply is available
  • Floor and wall planes are true - if out of plumb or not level, dividers, frontals and end nibs may require trimming

Installers should also:

  • Obtain detailed drawings and materials lists
  • Discuss the installation with the site supervisor to resolve any problems which may affect installation, or expose the partitions to damage by other trades

Handling and Storage

  • Take care to ensure that the panels are not damaged prior to and during installation
  • Handle the materials with care at all times to avoid damage and chipping
  • Ensure that the materials are delivered as close as practical to the work area
  • Carry all panels on their edge
  • Store all materials under cover
  • Stock the panels on a flat surface and place protective material between the panels

General Checklist

  • Check for pipes and electrical wiring before commencing installation
  • DO NOT use a hammer drill on the partitions
  • Use masonry drill bits when drilling
  • Use a depth gauge for drilling blind holes
  • Insert all screws to inner side of frontals and nibs
  • To fix partitions to Villaboard Drywall, use toggle anchors
  • Pedestal mounted installations are more stable if abutting a fixed wall
  • Cut edges, on Readipanel fibre cement systems, should be touched up with the paint supplied, before installation
  • All aluminium extrusions should be screwed and siliconed