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Why Guardian Is The Best at Washrooms

Guardian is Queensland's washroom expert and we can prove it.

We know what the latest overseas and domestic trends are and we supply the most up to date and suitable materials for your requirements. Our washrooms are superior to traditional washrooms which can split, scratch and swell and are graffiti havens.

Get an edge over your competitors through:

  • reduced maintenance
  • an increased lifespan
  • reduced graffiti and water resistance
  • enhanced privacy.

Where Do Our Washrooms Go

It's a washroom that always looks as good as the day it was installed and we should know. Our washrooms have proven themselves over more than twenty years in:

  • shopping centres
  • office buildings
  • factories
  • clubs
  • sports and entertainment venues
  • hotels and restaurants
  • educational and institutional buildings
  • public and community projects
  • road houses and caravan parks

Tailor Made To Your Requirements

To meet your needs, Guardian has both standard and made to measure systems. We provide:

  • floor or pedestal mounted systems
  • hold open or hold closed door hardware
  • lift-off version of door hardware to cater for disabled cubicles
  • a colour matching process so you can select your solid colour from colour charts or through matching samples

Don't waste your valuable time shopping around. As a "one stop shop", we can supply or fully supply and install any washroom (ancillaries and bench tops too) that you require.

Privacy Issues Are Here

The public and therefore your customer is increasingly becoming concerned over washroom privacy and security.

This is due to hand held camera phones, Unisex toilets and the perceived lack of personal safety in public facilities, particularly in schools and shopping centres.

These concerns are easily rectified as:

  1. We provide gap privacy with rebated edges around doors and nibs which closes the gaps between the door and other panels
  2. "Privacy Panels" can be used for urinals
  3. Our sizing range means that panel heights can be increased so that the overall system is lower to the floor line

Want To Know More

We can help you specify the best outcome for your needs, so feel free to pick our brains at no charge, as to how you can solve any washroom situation.