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The Must Read Washroom Article – The Future of Washrooms

Contrary to some commentators, compact laminate washrooms are not dead. It’s just where their applications lie.

To clear up matters, let us set the scene on washroom materials. The new kid on the block is thermoplastics which has taken the US washroom scene by storm.

We sell both compact laminate and thermoplastic washrooms so we think we are unbiased. But if you are having trouble deciding what’s best for you with your washroom, then this brief article may help.

Is The Traditional Washroom Dying

Washrooms in their current form have been around since Noah parked the Ark and are traditionally made of fibre cement, laminates and resin based composites.

In the USA, two factors are changing the face of washrooms forever – privacy and material attacks. US trends usually come to Australia after a couple of years.

Washroom Privacy and Security

Firstly, the public is increasingly becoming concerned over washroom privacy and security due to hand held camera phones, Unisex toilets and the perceived lack of personal safety in public facilities.

To rectify these concerns, the gaps between components are being removed, panel heights are increasing and the overall system is often lower to the floor line.

Current Materials Can't Handle Heavy Usage

The second factor is the long term unsuitability of current materials to heavy usage, vandalism and graffiti, mildew and mould, new chemical cleaners and water ingress causing swelling and delamination.

So in places like flood risk areas, schools, public amenities and caravan parks, Saniboard Washroom Systems have a distinct advantage.

When used in these locations, Saniboard has the potential to significantly reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of any washroom. As proven in the last Brisbane flood, Saniboard is the exceptionally resilient product for extreme conditions.

Are Thermoplastics On The Rise?

The dominant material in the US washroom market is a thermoplastic board named Saniboard. Saniboard systems now have more than 25% of the US market and that percentage continues to rise.

Saniboard panel is chemically inert, 100% recyclable and environmentally sound. It is essential for green rated buildings.

Want To Know More

As we supply and install both Saniboard and compact laminates, we think that we know what works and where.

So that we can help you specify the best outcome for your needs or solve any washroom situation, pick up the phone and feel free to pick our brains at no charge, as to how we can help you solve any washroom situation.

The Future of Washrooms