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Panel Repairs

Readipanel sheets that are vandalised, including graffiti, scratching and gouging can be repaired and repainted.

If the panels can be removed, return them to the original coating contractor for refurbishment. This ensures that the repaired panel will blend in and look as similar as possible to the undamaged original panels.

The steps that an onsite spray specialist or coating contractor should follow is to firstly, ascertain the type of damage, which is usually either graffiti, scratches or gouges.

For Graffiti Damage Rectification

  1. Remove all graffiti using V745 graffiti remover
  2. Abrade the existing coating using #320 sandpaper
  3. Degrease the coating with V101 degreaser
  4. Reapply the chosen topcoat

For Scratches and Gouges in the Panel

  1. Check the depth of the scratching and ascertain whether scratches can be sanded out or whether filler will be required
  2. Should filler be required, a two pack automotive filler should be used, which then needs to be sanded and spot primed with V555 primer/undercoat
  3. Sanded and degrease the whole panel with V101 degreaser
  4. Recoat the panel in the same coating as used in the pre-finishing process
  5. If filler is not required to fill scratches, begin the repair process from step 3


  1. Anti-graffiti coatings such as V644 and V744 that include a silicon additive are very difficult to recoat. In this instance, the coating needs to be removed back to the undercoat before applying the topcoat/repair coat
  2. Graffiti resistant topcoats are available as the preferred topcoat in areas at high risk of being hit with graffiti

For Panel Touch Up Repairs

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