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Paint System Application Specifications

Depending upon the painting system specification you want or the situation you have, Guardian can recommend a paint for you.

The right type of paint will depend on the paint itself and the substrate.

Two of the more common painting applications are the A&I Vitraflon A10 and A20 paint systems.

Specific Technical Specifications

A summary:

Substrate: James Hardie 9 mm Exotec Fibre Cement Panel or CSR 9 mm CFC Expresswall Cement Panel

Panel sizing: Cut the panels to size and shape allowing for a 10 mm expressed joint between panels

Panel preparation: Machine sand panels to remove any imperfections and provide an even surface

First coat: Coat face and edge of panels to a dry film thickness of 80 um - 100 um with A&I Vitrethane 555 two pack Polyurethane Undercoat. Allow panels to fully cure (minimum 8 hours drying time)

Sanding: Machine sand to a smooth even surface.

Second coat: Apply A&I Vittraflon A10 or A20 (Lumiflon based Two Pack Fluropolymer coating) to a dry film thickness of 75 um in the selected colour

Reference Information

Want to know more about your paint system in detail, then consult these technical data sheets and installation guides.

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