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What Is Impax Board and How We Make It

Impact Resistant Security Board That's So Strong

Guardian's "Impax" security system is a light weight, cost effective and immensely strong cladding system, which is as good as bricks and mortar but without the cost or hassle.

It's tough yet versatile – light weight and sledgehammer secure.

If required, the sheeting can be cut, drilled and painted in our factory prior to despatch. Although mainly used for internal wall applications, it can also be used for ceilings and, exterior walls.

There Are Many Uses

The Impax system is used where security, impact damage or vandalism is a problem and where bricks and mortar is too expensive or inaccessible.

It works in and Prison cells, Correctional Facilities, Court Houses, Police Stations, Schools and clubs other areas where protection or a secure area is required.

And what about remote, rural or indigenous residential and commercial buildings. Here:

  • the weather can be extreme
  • locations are remote
  • available sub-trades are often many kilometres away
  • prefab buildings need to go up quickly
  • low maintenance profiles are required.

Fast and Cheap to Erect

The Impax Security panel is fixed to a frame of either timber or steel and is classified as light weight construction. Compared with "wet trades" or traditional bricks and mortar:

  • save up to 82% in installation costs compared with "wet trades" or traditional bricks and mortar
  • erect a building faster (in some instances by one third)
  • reduce transportation costs to remote sites. The panels are one quarter as light, given a similar scope of works without even considering the mortar
  • eliminate additional tradesmen on the project. The installation can be undertaken by a small carpentry team

How We Make Impax Board

An Impax security panel is a fibre cement sheet that is pressure laminated and bonded to a sheet of Zincanneal steel using a proprietary process that has been developed over many years.

Depending upon the application, the thickness of the Zincanneal ranges from 0.6 mm to 1.6 mm. The fibre cement sheet thickness also varies, typically between 6 mm and 9 mm.

Impax Board is green and environmentally friendly as the main components are fibre cement sheets, chrome free Zincanneal and a water based bonding adhesive which contains less than 1% VOC's.

And if painted, we use a low sheen water based paint with a premium finish in a broad range of both colours and finishes.

It Lasts

An Impax sheet is "weather proofed" in manufacture and will resist all climatic changes.

Maintained properly, the sheet will continue to serve its' purpose, even in extreme climates, for at least 15 years.

Want To Know More

We can help you specify the best outcome for your needs, so feel free to pick our brains at no charge, as to how you can solve any secure situation.

Guardian's Impax security system is a light weight, cost effective and immensely strong cladding system