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The Remote and Indigenous Housing Solution

One of the many variants of the "Impax" security system is housing for remote areas and indigenous communities. This system is compliant with the Australian Government's "National Indigenous Housing Guide".

It's strong enough for most cyclones, secure for residents, cheap to erect, looks good and virtually maintenance free.

It Can Look Great

To minimise on-site installation the Impax panels can be pre-painted in an acrylic low sheen paint, prior to delivery. All with a ten year warranty period.

Reduced Installation Costs

It's cheap to construct:

  • save up to 82% in installation costs compared with "wet trades" or traditional bricks and mortar
  • erect a building faster (in some instances by one third)
  • reduce transportation costs to remote sites. When compared to bricks and blocks, the panels are one third as light, given a similar scope of works
  • eliminate any additional tradesmen on the project. The installation can be undertaken by a small team

It's So Strong — Residents Can Feel Secure

The fixing process and inherent strength of Impax board means that the structural stability of the building is super tough.

Impax board provides residents with a greater sense of security. Designed for secure situations, it greatly reduces break-ins and vandalism.

Residents also have a high level of protection in cyclone conditions against flying debris. If fitted as a ceiling lining, the Impax board acts as a barrier, should the roof be lost.

For Cyclone Rating and Flammable Test Results Click Here

Easily Repairable

In the rare event that an Impax board is damaged Impax board requires no maintenance. If damage occurs and an impression is made in the surface of the board, it is easily repaired with a plaster coating which can be painted to match.

Where a panel is irreparably damaged, simply remove and replace it.

Impax security board is treated with a rust retardant, so if it is exposed to moisture it will not degrade.

It's Much Safer


As the wall lining have superior strength, power points and light switch fittings will be mounted more securely making them far less likely to become loose and detached which then exposes dangerous wires.

Impax board is virtually impenetrable. It provides a barrier against rodents accessing electrical wiring plus the danger of live wire exposure to residents is virtually non existent

Fire Prevention

The Impax board is non-flammable and has been tested for flame propagation, heat and smoke release

The electrical safety aspect also removes some common fire hazards


Coupled with internal insulation, the sound transmission of Impax board is extremely low, so room to room noise is substantially reduced. Quiet areas can be provided, particularly when crowding is an issue.