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Guardian's Formwork – The Seven Specific Benefits

Guardian's Compressed Fibre Cement Permanent Formwork makes your concrete pour easy. Why?

  1. Our sheets are autoclaved — they are resistant to water penetration and fire resistant. No surface protection is required
  2. We cut the sheets to size for immediate installation and we deliver to your job site. For easy identification, we number the panels to match site codes
  3. It's an easy installation — simply position the sheets into a rebate and no propping is required
  4. Your labour time will be substantially reduced — once your concrete pour is complete, no stripping of the formwork sheets is required and there's no need for cleaning and protecting the formwork for future use
  5. There's no scaffolding— potential disruptions to rail, road, water or pedestrian traffic are removed
  6. There's no need to buy new timber formwork when the old sheets can no longer be used
  7. The sheets don't look out of place — the natural light grey colouring blends in with the concrete of the exposed surface. The overall appearance of the structure is enhanced.