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formworkPermanent CFC Formwork That Make Concrete Pours Quick and Easy and With No Scaffolding

Pouring concrete can be a pain. Before a pour, scaffolding, props and formwork need to be positioned. Once the pour is dry, the formwork then has to be dismantled, cleaned and protected.

You need lots of labour and there are potential disruptions to rail, road, water or pedestrian traffic. But with Guardian's Compressed Fibre Cement Permanent Formwork you can stop all that.

Plus it won't rust or rot, requires no surface protection and blends into the pour as if it wasn't there.

What Is Guardian's CFC Permanent Formwork?

Guardian's Compressed Fibre Cement Permanent Formwork is high density fibre double faced reinforced sheeting that removes the need for temporary timber formwork.

Why Is Guardian's CFC Permanent Formwork So Good?

By incorporating the formwork into the concrete pour, construction time and labour costs are reduced.

There's no interference to other traffic and no capital is required in purchasing new timber formwork. You win on all fronts.

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