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How Our Speciality Fabrication Helps You

Unique, Breath Taking and Affordable

In these tough times it's hard to keep, let alone get new customers.

What if you had something unique to show potential clients that not only looks outstanding, but is functional, keeps builders onside and is cost effective. Would that be an effective selling tool?

Guardian Building Products specialty fabrication capabilities provide just that so you can gain that next project

How? We use as a base, the latest building materials such as thermoplastics or traditional building lines that we are all familiar with including timber and compressed fibre cement.

We then cut paste, drill, flute, paint and fabricate in ways that you and your client wouldn't have thought possible.

Where Can Guardian's Speciality Products Best Be Used?

In most project designs, you have to take into account, a building's construction, then external and internal cladding, fittings and fixtures and even mundane items such as washrooms and car parking.

Imagine if for a number of these areas, you had a unique design that is out of the ordinary. With our capabilities, this is where Guardian can help you.

From washrooms to benchtops, ceilings, internal and external cladding, we can make a difference for you and your client.

We Help When No One Wants to Know

We are the source of your fresh specialty fabrication ideas.

Many fabricators will walk away where it is too hard to do or where they don't have the correct or sophisticated fabrication equipment.

With Guardian we are your "one stop shop" and if we can't fabricate it for you, we will find someone who can and make it happen.

Take Away Your Risk — Touch It and See It Before You Buy It

Maybe you or your client is a bit dubious and wants to see how a fabrication will look prior to its' manufacture and installation.

We can provide appropriately sized samples that will show you the final appearance and effect.

Not only will you not be caught out, but those samples can be a selling point, even to the most sceptical of customers. Minimise your risk.

Why Builders Will Love You

As we fabricate off site, all a builder usually does with our fabricated units is to fix and go.

Site costs are minimised and problems caused by dust, lack of space and WH&S issues are removed.

For easy identification, we can number a fabricated unit to match site codes and we can help simplify site processes by packing the fabricated units to match elevations or locations.