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Our Equipment and Processes

What Our Equipment Can Make For You

  1. wet saws - efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cutting of material panels to any size or shape
  2. belt sanders - dresses finished materials for decorating or whatever finish is desired
  3. water jet cutting - program in your or our CAD drawing detailed design for perfect curves, lettering, replication or any other diversified requirement
  4. CNC centre - complex or simple patterns produced quickly and accurately including perforation and slotting of panels (fibre cement and ply) and fabrication of Saniboard Thermoplastic
  5. venting machine - for the production of vented eave sheets
  6. column fabricator - for fluting, splitting and docking of columns
  7. nip rollers – produces lead lined panels, cores and doors
  8. glue line – uniform full glue coverage for sheet faces with large surface areas

Compressed Fibre Cement – The Things We Do

We know everything about compressed fibre cement. Its' uses are endless and we have the machinery to fabricate anything that you need. We can:

  • cut compressed fibre cement panels to any size and shape, including angle cuts
  • cut circles and discs in CFC panels
  • edge treat (Aaris or bevel), chamfer and bull nose treat CFC panels
  • pre-drill and countersink CFC panels
  • fabricate columns - splitting and docking by length, splitting in halves or grooving by length and around columns to provide a decorative finish
  • manufacture square columns
  • laminate and bond sheets of varying materials to CFC panels eg a polystyrene core
  • slot the eaves of fibre cement soffit sheeting

Other Building Materials That We Fabricate

You don't have to go to China for flexibility. In addition to fabricating compressed fibre cement, our machinery can use other building materials as feed stock, ranging from wood to plastics and we do the same fabrication as for compressed fibre cement.

Need sound mitigation wood panels or laboratory bench tops or even high resolution cutting of ceramic tiles, then talk to us. When no one else wants to help, Guardian is there.

Want To Know More

We can help you specify the best outcome for your needs, so feel free to pick our brains at no charge, as to how you can solve any specific building material situation.