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Why Use Us?

You Win More Jobs

At Guardian Building Products we:

  • source and fabricate unique building materials that are new to the market; and
  • manufacture and fabrication of your cladding, wet areas and panels that visually stand out from the competition.

We give you a competitive edge over your opposition.

We Deliver What We Promise

Sick of promises being made and not being delivered!

We are your “one stop shop” for the supply, drilling, painting and fabricating of your wet area, cladding and panels. It’s done right first time and you don’t have to shop around.

With our hassle free and scrupulously managed approach, you get what is promised plus there are no nasty surprises. Focus your time looking after your business issues without having to shop around.

We Are Your Insurance Policy

And when things go wrong and sometimes they do, we rectify at our expense – we are your insurance policy

Our Promise To You

What we say is what we deliver and we can prove it. Our products and services will be in spec or we will rectify any resulting problem at our expense.

We give you a competitive edge over your opposition.